Digital Graffiti Wall Hire for Events in London and Worldwide

Creatively inspire guests with YrWall, the original digital graffiti wall for events.

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YrWall is the graffiti experience with a digital twist. Ultra-realistic spray cans enable you to design your own graffiti masterpieces without the mess. The huge canvas and wide colour palette means plenty of space to interact and create, again and again.

How it works

YrWall is perfect for people of all skill levels; simply step up to the wall and prepare to unleash your inner artist. Choose your colour... choose your style... and press the cap to spray digital graffiti anywhere on the screen — just like spraying on to a real wall. The clever effects give your creations the look and feel of a professional graffiti artist.

YrWall at your event

YrWall is available for rental and installation. We supply two members of staff to each event who will deliver and set up the activation, then continue to manage it for the entirety of the event. They are also available to provide tips and demonstrations to ensure guests can easily get to grips with the product and fully enjoy the experience.

Live photo mode

For an extra special experience, try YrWall or YrSurface with our Live Photo Feature and let guests get funky with a digital makeover. All photos can be printed live on a wide range of materials. If you would like to include this feature, please notify one of our staff when making your booking.

YrWall Touch — NEW

Our brand new YrWall version means you can create digital graffiti anywhere - screens come in any size from our incredible 27" right up to the enormous 103". Our touch version of YrWall digital graffiti wall takes very little room but has huge impact at your event. See how we worked with Nike Shanghai to bring their event to life.

Customisation options

From a custom colour palette to a fully branded digital spray can, the customisation options are unlimited. In all cases we work to understand what you want to achieve from an event or campaign and innovate accordingly.

YrWall Interface Customisation

Interface Customisation

Full customisation of the YrWall's menu and background is available, as well as the addition of custom colours and logos. This provides the option to align the product with an identity or theme, facilitating brand interaction and engagement.

YrWall Custom Stencils


Choose from the variety of preloaded stencils or add your own. For example, we can create custom stencils of logos, taglines or event tie-ins, such as a product, character or stamp.

YrWall Custom Templates


Give users a specific outline to fill in on the digital canvas. This could be anything from a pair of sunglasses to a cartoon animal. This is perfect for experiential campaigns as it reinforces brand association and ties in with other aspects of the campaign. It is also possible to create multi-form and more complex outlines. For example, a car which gives users the ability to design multiple body panels.

YrWall Event Feedback Tool

Feedback Wall

YrWall is an excellent tool for collecting feedback from your guests or delegates at an event. Send us the questions you want answered beforehand and we will upload them into the software for users to reply to. Have as many questions as you want and we can even incorporate a visual rating tool. All the information is saved in jpeg format and given to you for post-event analysis.

If you’re interested in the YrWall then hit the button to find out more.

“The Wall made a huge impact and initiated a lot of attention and excitement around our stand.”

Becci Hall, New Era Caps


Once completed, why not have your designs turned into unique personal souvenirs? Options include t-shirts, mugs, stickers and posters, all of which are printed live on site. Alternatively, share your creations with friends on Facebook, Twitter and email.

We can also arrange for a professional graffiti artist, with a strong reputation, to demonstrate YrWall to its full effect and offer advice and tips to budding YrWall artists. Caricaturists and abstract illustrators who specialise in turning conversation into visual concepts are also available on demand.

Extra features — T-shirts


Guests can have their unique artwork printed onto high quality t-shirts in under two minutes. The process uses dye sublimation to ensure the best results that will stand the test of time. We provide any size and type of t-shirt to suit your requirements.

Extra features — Stickers


The sticker printing feature is the perfect way to create imaginative name badges through designs completed on the YrWall.

Extra features — Mugs


The YrWall mug printing option enables users to have their personal designs pressed onto a mug, instantaneously. Include your logos and branding on each item for a truly lasting memento of your event.

Extra features — Photos


Guests take their personal piece of art away with them in the form of high quality glossy photographs, printed live at the event. There is also an option to brand photos and have them inserted into a wallet or photo frame.

Extra features — Canvases


It is also possible to print designs on larger scales directly onto canvas (more options and details on request).

Extra features — Email


Our software enables users to email their artwork to any email address using the on-screen QWERTY keyboard.

Extra features — Website upload

Website upload

Following the event, upload your images all at once to a Facebook page or website. The software also enables live upload to Twitter and Facebook, or to an FTP account.

Extra features — USB keys

USB keys

All art created can be saved on to a USB key in the form of a standard jpeg. Other files, for example brand information and campaign support material, can be pre-loaded onto a USB key, provided free of charge.

Extra features — Facebook


The Facebook terminal feature allows guests to upload their personal artwork directly to their profile. This is an excellent and low cost way for brands to promote themselves on a user’s Facebook profile and consequently increase awareness among users’ friends.

Extra features — Youtube


Guests upload a sped-up realtime recording of their interactivity from beginning to end straight to YouTube or Facebook.